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Taking you & your business from chaos to clarity

Janine Kathleen - Mindset Alchemist

Supporting women to understand the impact of your thoughts, feelings and words on your life in all areas, including business.
Helping you leverage the chemistry of change so that you can create a life of dreams.

How I can help:


I offer coaching programs to help you find your clarity, so that you can break through the things that have been blocking you from your full potential.


Tips to find more time, cash flow, and business ease to explore infinite possibilities in your life.


Personal one on one coaching can be costly, which is why I’ve created course and community to help you get started at finding your clarity in life & business.

What clients say

Janine is wonderful!

She has taught me how to deal with stress and self esteem issues..relationship difficulties…she offers endless encouragement through fresh ideas! I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t see her smiling face every day! ☺💖

Janine shares her experiences and healings from the heart.

Listening to her words within themselves can bring healing. If you are reading this, then you are thinking about asking for her help. Please follow your heart, she will support your in your own personal transformation. Much love 💖

Janine is such an inspiration to me.

I absolutely love all the great works she does, because it’s truly from her heart.

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Expectations and Energy

Expectations and Energy

EXPECTATION- a strong belief that something will happen or be the case. BELIEF - an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof When we set a target, allocate tasks to it and action the tasks, we are looking for a specific outcome. What...

Have You Journaled Today?

Have You Journaled Today?

A tool I encourage my clients to use is journaling. I encourage them to use it in different ways. JUNK JOURNALING This is where I encourage clients to put on paper or rant out loud, the feelings of frustration, desperation and dank thoughts circling in their brain....

Do You Fear Failure? – 4 Ways to Overcome It

Do You Fear Failure? – 4 Ways to Overcome It

  Is it really a fear of failure or is it a fear of feeling shame?   When I was younger I would get a cold or a runny tummy before exams. It would be awful. The same would happen if I was to do a speech or anything I felt fearful of doing.   When I was...