12 Ways to Maintaining Your Power as a Spiritual Entrepreneur | Janine Kathleen


Personal Power has a direct impact on your business, your life and your relationships.

It is the inner strength of personal power that allows for the confidence to carry yourself forward through tough times. 


Personal power allows you to:

  • Handle problems with courage
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and non-serving habits
  • Positively impact and influence others
  • Put in empowering boundaries 
  • Reach the success you are looking for
  • Listen to your intuition and follow your gut
  • It guides you to do the deep inner healing work needed to move forward in your power


How to improve and maintain your personal power

1. Release what others think of you and your life

  • Choose to be yourself. 
  • Make your decisions based on what feels right for you and your current circumstances. 
  • Common sense is a large part of personal power as is understanding what your gut is telling you.

2. You are able to solve your problems and know when to ask for help.

  • Be a doer
  • Quit the blame game and release complaining
  • Actively sit down and look for solutions to any problems you are having.
  • Make the plan, and apply action
  • Know when to ask for help


3. Admit to Your Shortcomings 

  • Do the meditation and journaling needed to clear limiting beliefs, other people’s paradigms and the fears keeping you playing small.
  • Dig into your limitations, acknowledge them, release them and focus on your strengths.


4. Keep Your Emotions in Check 

  • Allow yourself to stay calm
  • When triggered, go home and journal
  • Respond rather than react to situations
  • Think things through and sleep on issues before tackling them
  • Perspective is a great key to keeping emotions on track


5. Staying Positive and Relaxed

  • This is a great source of personal power as it allows for cool thoughts and releases hot reactions.
  • Breathe, breathe and breathe ain.
  • When looking for the positive after acknowledging and dealing with the less positive, you are able to shift your energy much faster 
  • This, in turn, allows for flow and ease and release struggle and strain.
  • When positive and relaxed creativity abounds and ideas are able to come forward that tension tends to block.


I was asked by a client why people have a tendency to dwell on negative longer than necessary.


This is a habit and an erroneous belief that you are helpless, it is also due to you watching others around you staying low vibrational rather than releasing the nonsense to move forward to the good stuff and a higher vibration.


It takes discipline, staying in the moment and putting your personal power to work.


6. Ensure Wellness and Rest

  • Body –  maintaining your nutrition and exercising appropriately is important to personal power
  • Mind – gaining and applying knowledge, learning and choosing to grow enhances your personal power due to changes in perspective and having a bigger picture of life 
  • Emotions – creativity and coping skills come forward far more readily when we deal with our emotions from a higher vibrational state
  • Spiritual – meditation and journaling are a huge asset to increase our personal power and effective healing


7. Boundaries

  • Learning to say “No!” and sticking to it without feeling guilty is a HUGE part of owning and using your personal power.
  • You need to understand yourself, how you operate and the bigger picture to help yourself own your power here.


8. Plans

  • When you have a plan in place to move towards your dream in any area, it is so much easier to own your power as you have a deeper understanding of where you are going and why.
  • When you are shown to be flexible by your inner guidance, you are empowered to go with the flow as you understand the bigger picture


9. Procrastination

  • When you are procrastinating you are giving away your power to perfectionism and/or pain.
  • Get it done and move forward.
  • Journal and acknowledge the source of pain so that healing may occur.


10. Healing

  • Healing allows for you to access more of your power and you’re unblocking what is holding you back
  • Healing enables you to grow and have the clarity you desire to achieve the greatness you know you are capable of.


11. Focus

  • Energy flows where focus goes.
  • Focus on positive to have and be more
  • When you understand that focus allows for expansion, you are owning your power


12. Morning Ritual

  • Having a set, planned morning ritual allows you to set your day up for success, no matter what happens
  • It decreases your fatigue and increases your energy
  • It centres you and brings alignment to your power
  • Gratitude is one of the best ways to access your power and begin your day
  • It is owning your power before you begin to move into the bustle of the day



When you understand how to own your personal power, you have the ability to direct the energy of your abilities in a positive way.

It also enables you to recognise limiting beliefs and blocks much faster and to be in a position to clear them.


This allows you to create the business growth you deserve.