3 Aspects Preventing the New You | Janine Kathleen

“Thank you, Universe, for helping me see beyond the limits of fear.

Thank you for expanding my perceptions so that I can see what 

is of the highest good.”

-Gabrielle Bernstein-


1. What is it preventing you from being the best you, you can be?

Limiting Beliefs

We all have them.

Those insidious past experiences that keep you playing small in order to remain safe and protected in a very uncomfortable comfort zone.


Society always has an opinion and it is expressed without thought and care to the consequences to others.

Up until the age of 7 years old, you take in EVERYTHING around you, without a filter, full knowledge and little understanding of what the bigger picture may be.


You work within the beliefs and values, paradigms and norms of your community, family unit, schooling structure until you are of an age, or intention, to grow and follow your path of purpose.


This is when you start questioning what is holding you back, where did it originate and what you need to do to move forward beyond these limitations to become limitless.

It is in understanding who you are that you are able to release yourself from the limiting beliefs keeping you away from yourself.



These are the beliefs and norms that the society around you subscribes to and puts upon you.

It is in realising what you can choose to change and how to form new patterns that will serve you better that you move towards your greater success.

If there is a paradigm that certain people earn more money than others, this is what happens until someone stands up and says “No. It isn’t going to be this way anymore.”

The 4-minute mile is a great example of this.

It was believed that no-one could do a mile in and under 4 minutes. Roger Bannister disproved this quite effectively, as did many others.


Where are you stuck in your 4-minute mile paradigm?


Emotional Intelligence


  1. the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.
    “emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success”

I think the definition sums this up beautifully.


When you have doubt, insecurities and lack of trust in yourself, you are VERY effectively blocking yourself from growing and succeeding along your path of purpose.


2. Why Do You Want a New You?


This is where the rubber meets the road very effectively.

When you understand 

-why you are choosing to do something, 

-knowing that you want to do something, 

-and then decide you are going to do it. . . . inspired action follows.


As a spiritual entrepreneur, I came to realise that my success lay in my recognition of who I am and who I am able to become.


This requires doing the inner work and allowing for the healing and releasing of what it is holding me back at each growth point, and as it presents itself.


Each time I choose to grow, I raise my energy and raise the calibre of my services, programmes and attract the clients aligned with this higher vibrational me.

We attract who we are and this is an awesome reason as an entrepreneur to envision the new you that you are meant to be.


3. Your Vision of You

  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • Who do you enjoy spending time with?
  • How do you feel at the end of your workday
  • What makes you feel energised?
  • What makes you feel drained?
  • Who makes you feel as if you have just run 2 marathons back to back?
  • How do you respond when people offer you compliments?
  • What are your views around yourself being



                                               -A go-getter?

                                              -A stay at home parent?

                                             -A working parent?

                                              -An investor?

                                              -An entrepreneur?

                                              -Business owner?


  • Where would you like to live if money was no object?
  • What car would you own and drive if money was no object?
  • What would your ideal day look like if money and time were not in the equation?


It is in answering these questions instinctively that you will gain a bigger picture of where your limiting beliefs are and where you may need to be visualising who you would like to become going forward.


Sit quietly and create a visual in your mind’s eye of who you want to be, to look like, to dress like, where you would like to be

geographically as well as looking at yourself from an emotional, financial and physical perspective.

Visualize your relationships as you’d like them to be.


Watch your thoughts, your feelings and your words. These are all energy and create all the time.

  1. Set your alarm on your phone for 30-minute intervals for 3 consecutive days.
  2. When it alarms take note of your thoughts and emotions at that time and who you are with
  3. Keep track
  4. After 3 days look and see if you like the pattern of your thoughts that have emerged.

It is an exercise in mindfulness and reveals a tremendous amount about your attitude and why you are where you are currently.

Create a vision board of people and places you’d like to associate with and visit.

Start feeling the feeling of being successful, of being wealthy, of being in an empowering relationship.


You need to see yourself as powerful.

You need to feel what it is you want.

You need to love and accept yourself.

YOU need to be your OWN best friend to own what it is you desire to have, be and do.


It is in taking responsibility for your own actions, thoughts, feelings and life that you are able to envision and create the New You.


Allow your dreams to draw you and release desperation driving you as far as possible.
It takes discipline, a decision and determined action and your dreams can come true.