4 Ways to Own Your Power and Create Profit as a Spiritual Entrepreneur | Janine Kathleen

I discovered that, when you own your power, you can move forward and this gives you the ability to turn it to profit in your business and your life.

Your energy has a HUGE impact on your business. Your thoughts, your actions and your words all impact your feelings and thus your power.

You can amp up or lower your power and this affects your business, your work and your bottom line.

When you understand 

  •  What it is you do
  •  How to take action and do it
  • Who you serve
  • Why you do what you do

you focus your energy and we all know that where focus goes, energy flows.

This is taking control of your power and focusing it to make a profit while meeting the wants and desires your client wants to be fulfilled.

1. What Makes You Light Up?

Have you sat and explored what it is you can do for hours and it feels like minutes?

Where do you enjoy yourself so much that time stands still for you?

Look deeply into who you are now.

Examine your strengths, your weaknesses and what it is you truly want to achieve in your life.

What is something you would love to do and are afraid you’ll be laughed at for?

Where did you put a dimmer switch on your power?

For me, I had to take a long and very hard look at who I am and not who I made myself into being to keep the people around me happy.

It was in examining my value, my values and not that of my community while growing up,  nor other peoples expectations of who they thought I am and should be,

that I was able to see what my power truly is and how to leverage it further.

What are YOUR values?

How do you choose to see your value?

Where do you people please?

How have you given your power away to situations and people?


Rapid Fire Desire Assessment

Set your timer for 5 minutes.

Sit with a pen and paper and for 5 minutes write down:

what it is that makes you

  • feel happy?
  • fulfilled?
  • what you would like to do, have or be if money and time, age and skills were of no consequence?
  • where would you like to invest your time the most if you could?
  • how would your life look?
  • what would be different in your home, your business, your working life?

Just let it all flow out onto the paper.

When the alarm goes off, read what you’ve written and batch similar things together.

How do you feel when you read this?

Have you set any intentions to work towards anything on your list?

When are you going to do so?

2. How To Take Action Initially?

Please, stay in your day job if it doesn’t yet match your list and you have no other income yet to support yourself!

Look at your list, sit and meditate on what pulls your attention the most.

Then start opening yourself to the possibilities of it happening.

Explore your options and be open to what comes up for you.

Each morning ask, “What shall I focus on today?”

Journal and take action on what it is you are shown to do.

3. Who You Serve or Want to begin Serving

If you have an existing business sit down and niche down. If you are starting out, explore your feelings and options.

Focus your power and energy where it will do the most good for you and for your prospective client.

This is very important.

As a spiritual entrepreneur take a long look at what it is you want to offer and why.

Is it meeting a desire or your desire?

Will it make life simpler and is it meeting a want and a need of your potential client?

How does it align with your values and principles, the way you work and who it is you wish to work with?

When you begin to understand who you are and what your value is, you are able to see how your energy and power will attract those in a similar energetic situation.

Is this the level that lights you up or is there more inner work needing to be done around your fears and limiting beliefs?

4. Why You Do What You Do

We all have programming from childhood and potentially from past lives and lineage issues.

Our families and communities have expectations and we all grow up with our parents, guardians and educators beliefs.

It is in getting in touch with who YOU are, what YOU believe and owning gifts others may have ridiculed or didn’t seem relevant to them, that you are able to offer the value you are meant to offer and to be happy within yourself.

It is in taking action on what you know is the right path for you that your power amplifies, changes and takes you forward.


You may not be earning a living from what lights you up and that is really OK.

It is in doing what lights you up that you are able to do so and remain in your power.


Look at where you have given your power away to people, situations and your own fears, doubts and insecurities.

Check-in with what you believe your value to be.

How true is this belief and whose belief and valuation is it anyway?


You have everything within you to be successful at what ever it is you choose to do and to be.

Do the inner work, reach out for help and live your life.