7 Ways to Use Your Energy Effectively for Your Success | Janine Kathleen

You work on electricity, which is why your thoughts, heart and other areas of your body can be measured by electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram and why you are able to produce ‘static’ electricity.

Your thoughts are like lots of electrical sparks flashing through your brain.

Simplistic, I know, and very real.



So, Janine, What is the big deal about this?

It was a very unpalatable truth for me to swallow when I came to realise that my thinking, linked with feelings (emotions can also be measured due to the electrical flow they produce in our body and surrounding electromagnetic field surrounding our bodies) and how and what I am speaking are creating the majority of what is happening in my life, well actually, everything that is happening in my life.

The same is true for everyone.




How does this make you feel to know that no-one, except you, thinks your thoughts and creates your reality once you are aware and have filters in place? ( Basically after the age of 7 years old.)

Yes, we have the filters and beliefs we absorb as children so technically these help shape us and our future. 

Fact: we can look into our beliefs, fears, doubts and programming and shift our energies around as we look at what we REALLY believe in the now and what we can shift in our belief systems.


This comes as quite a shock to most people, and they bury this revelation DEEP in their bodies and carry on with the blame game, victim game, martyr game. 

Playing games in general where they are NOT quite sure of the rules being used.

When I wanted something different in my life, I took this thought out, started researching, began changing and wow, the differences started manifesting. My reality began changing and life looked sooo much better.


It is a very real fact that your thoughts are energy and that they create when you link them to a feeling and add an action.


This is due to the fact that your brain has no clue of time or emotion.

The feeling is so that YOU allow in the creation of your desire, your brain brings it forward because, to the brain, it is in the now.


It is in releasing the lower vibrational energies of fear, lack, entitlement and replacing them with creative thoughts, gratitude, joy and knowledge that you open yourself to moving forward and self-actualizing.


When you have an awareness of your energy systems, chakras, and work with them as to healing and shifting of energies, you have a powerful way to move forward in a way aligned with your mission, the purpose you are creating and living and achieve the intentions and dreams of success you have.


You may like to check out this video on The Power of Words  as it will give you more understanding of where you are potentially giving your energy away.

Be the Best You Can Be and Attract Your Aligned Desire

This is an efficient and effective usage of your energy and your time.


Yes, I understand you sometimes may have to hustle.

I also understand you can do it in a more effective, efficient and energetic way.

Energy is about setting intentions to achieve your dreams and desires.

It is about allocating tasks to your goals and then allowing yourself to feel the emotions and feelings of having what it is you are working towards, NOW.


Experiencing those feelings allows you to attract the various components needed to accomplish what you have set out to do.


You are able to do this through

You are able to do this through




3.Understanding who you are in the now

4. Keeping your vision and the feeling of it, front and centre when challenges occur

5.Gaining knowledge of where you desire to go

6.Healing your inner wounds and fears

7.Using the TEAM principle for yourself

  • Together
  • Each part of yourself, when combined
  • Achieves
  • More


This is very different from chasing after it and driving yourself hard to achieve what you are going after.

There is work that needs to be done and 80% of it is in visualizing what you want and feeling as if you have it.

This helps the blocks, that may potentially be there, to surface so the healing can be done for you to allow in your dream and achieve it efficiently.

The art is in releasing expectations of how it will come to you.


Do the work, healing and physical, put time in on the dreaming and be aware of thoughts, feelings and what it is you are saying, words are vibrational and have power.

Words are also an outer indication of your beliefs, limiting and other, and fears.


Use the principles of attraction, pull rather than push, 

collaboration rather than competition 

and use the power of togetherness to achieve your dreams.


Work with energy rather than against it.

This very much includes your chakras.

When they are blocked or out of alignment they definitely hinder your progress in your business and life.

Healing and balancing them make a HUGE difference. 


The connection to yourself and your energy is the key to your success. 



I would love to help you with your journey.

Reach out and let us explore how I may help you action your words, thoughts and feeling for your greater success.