You can either be bitter or better. 

You choose.

It is always a choice to let go of past insecurities, apparent failures and other people.

All that holding onto the unpleasant past does is steal energy, time and creativity from you.

Yes, it may drive you forward, at what cost, though?


The more you believe it, the more creative you become.

Your imagination and the ability to visualize are two very, very powerful business tools you have at your fingertips. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Accept it and get on with finding your passion, accessing your unlimited energy potential and reaching to live the life you KNOW you want.

Ways to shift your energy for more creativity

  • Go for a walk and allow your energy to shift into gear. Walking is a great way to solve problems, get the brain in gear and help you healthwise.
  • Meditate consistently. It is the consistency and not the duration that will help you generate more energy and creativity
  • Put on the music
  • Get up and dance
  • Then sit down and journal all the nonsense out that may have surfaced during your day out onto the paper, in detail and technicoloured emotions..
  • Put all those fears, doubts and uncertainty on the paper and BURN the papers.

Creating requires surrendering control and allowing the thoughts, pictures and emotions to flow.

An added benefit of clearing your blocks and allowing the creativity to flow is your increased ability to manifest what you desire, of course, the flip side is manifesting what you don’t want.

Manifesting is manifesting when you aren’t watching what your energy, creativity, thoughts and emotions are doing.

In business, you use your creativity for various activities
  • blog posts
  • articles
  • promos
  • design work
  • solving your clients’ challenges
  • identifying business opportunities
  • expansion
  • seeing the bigger picture
  • working on the details
  • meeting a need and allowing a business to flow from it

The possibilities are only limited by YOUR imagination and inability to recognise your creativity.

Creativity also helps us recognise the blocks keeping us playing small and the best ways to expand into our passion and purpose.

Helping your creativity and energy


When you sleep you consolidate your memories and allow yourself to work through challenges and emotions of the day.

You also allow your body to repair and heal

2.Healthy Eating 

The fuel you put in your body either steals energy or restores it.

Making better choices enhances our creativity in many ways.

This works on the 80% healthy eating 20% junk food principle


This can be as simple as taking the stairs daily to whichever exercise routine you can enjoy 3 to 4 times a week.

4.Physical Touch

Have you hugged someone today? Even just shaken a hand?

Touch is very important as it helps regulate our hormones.

With today’s tech society touch is becoming a challenge.

Hug your child, your romantic partner today.

Shake hands with a colleague, and smile.

It is really great for creativity as your hormones get balanced out and the feel-good hormones really help to make life feel better.

5.Time Management

Minimise your stress through better time management.

Allow yourself to minimise distractions and do your work in batches.

Shut the door, turn off the phone and get focused.

Wow! what a difference it makes to your creative, uninterrupted, creative flow.

It allows for inspired creation and this uses less energy.

It also gets things done faster and more efficiently.


What inspires you?

Music, nature, exercise, reading, painting?

Do it and allow yourself to get in the zone you need to be in.



What is your passion?

I didn’t know for many years and had to release regrets around what is passed and done.

What is it that makes you feel alive, good and takes very little effort for you to get done?

Explore this for more creativity in other areas you may not be as passionate about


Allow yourself to feel happy.

It is in understanding that we each live in our own reality and only you can truly make you happy. No-one else can make you happy and you aren’t their path to happiness either.

If it is smelling roses, do it more often, if it is being with another person, understand it is your choice and not their presence.


These 8 simple suggestions help you shift your energy, enhance your creativity and help you increase your enjoyment in your relationship with yourself and others.

All this helps you be better in business and serve your clients more fully.