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About Me

Who I Am

Janine is a wife, mother & businesswoman with 30 years of business experience. Over the 30 years, Janine learned how to build a business & stop chasing other people's dreams.

Through her journey, she discovered how to align with inspired action and that words, thoughts, & feelings create. This revelation allowed a whole new world to open up to her and her clients.

Janine uncovered the importance of healing and her intuitive abilities. That led her to unlock her natural gifts & talents, which allowed her to grow her businesses and succeed.

How I help people

Janine helps you uncover what it is that is keeping you stuck in your journey. She helps you to regain focus for greater growth, freedom, direction & purpose.

Using various techniques & tools you are empowered to achieve the next level of impact and success you are seeking. Achieving your dreams is as important as living a life of purpose and joy.

Janine helps you to release your fears and limiting beliefs that have secretly hindered you from creating your success story. Overcoming your fears and limiting beliefs will help you to become unstoppable.

What Customers Are Saying

What a beautiful soul. My back is thrown out and I am in pain but within 20 minutes Janine helped me get to the root of the emotions and ties I was holding onto and helped me in order to let go. My back pain has become more flexible as my heart and mind did. It shows how powerful it can be to hold something deep inside you and how much more powerful it can be to let it go. Thank you, you are truly an angel and blessing

Natasha Durel

I am drawn to Janine’s work and always found her wisdom and expertieze so insightful. She has a beautiful aura and energy about her and brings out so much love and energy in the way she explains and guides you through her coaching and healing work.
Vanessa Mariano

This Goddess has a heart of gold and a mind of a wizard.
Millen Livis

I’m so grateful to have come in contact with Janine through the referral of my friend, Natasha. She was spot on with everything, I couldn’t believe it! She was able to pinpoint the reasons why I was stressed or hurting and helped me release it. Her advice is also very helpful and her energy work is amazing. I left my first session feeling rejuvenated, lighter, and joyful. I would highly recommend working with her.
Thank you so much, Janine! I look forward to working with you again soon
Kylie Conniff

Janine is a great coach. I recently was in her self love course. It was wonderful! I got the opportunity to learn more about self love and how I was not giving it to myself. Janine gave me valuable information how ways to identify ways to love myself. In the meantime, she also provided us with healing meditations. The meditations helped me connect with my inner child and help me heal. The information Janine has is one of a kind. She also conducts herself in a loving manner. She has always given me the space to feel the feels and move on. I highly recommend her work!!
Rosalba Romero

Janine Is Such a wonderful calm, patient. and is full of knowledge that is actionable in our life. Her teachings and videos along with her talks are inspiring and help us to see that we can grow and think positive. Thank You Janine,a wonderful inspiring, transformation coach that supersedes the value of wellness. Lori English, MSW, LSW.
Lori English

Janine is such an inspiration to me. I absolutely love all the great works she does, because it’s truly from her heart.
Miriam Vineyard

Janine was an absolute lifesaver today! I was in a lot of pain with very severe stomach cramps and didn’t quite know what to do with myself. Janine has such a wealth of knowledge, and after following her suggestions and receiving a short healing the pain eased considerably. If she can do that in such a short amount of time, I can imagine how much she can help with a full session. I highly recommend her services. She is a true healer, caregiver and a Sage and I am blessed to know her. Thank you so much Janine
Dee Rudiger