Change Is In The Question

‘’There is no right, no wrong, just forward.’’ I have never liked cooking.  Any and every distraction would leave the kids yelling, ‘’Mom! You’re burning something.’’  Raising my children to be honest about their food preferences led to my daughter saying,...

Are You Getting Stuck In Hard?

‘’As soon as I shift my attitude, I am able to shift that feeling of hard’’ Open my diary to any page and you will see lists of to-dos.  Not a to-do list. Multiple lists of tasks to do.  Can you feel the attitude of hard work in what I just shared? ‘’I am...

Timing Is Key to Ultimate Success

‘’Emotional pain is pain…and you can do something about it.’’ Noticing what is going on in an experience is the first step towards understanding the experience.  Where are you being asked to understand that: Yes, You are PowerYes, You are CreativityYes, You are...

Money Mindset with Monika Zampa

‘’Money is beautiful!’’ – Monika Zampa This joyous statement by interviewee, Monika Zampa, stirs an interesting question: What is your relationship with receiving beauty?  A previous self comes to mind… ’Pretty things are saved for later’, therefore, I cannot...

Healing From Trauma and Still Living a Life

I interviewed a dear friend, Kayla Brissi, about her journey of healing from trauma and still living a life.  Kayla shares personal moments and the feelings we don’t respond with when asked, ’How are you?’. Although trauma is not noticeable in the same ways from...

A Lesson or An Adventure?

A Belief What is your belief around situations, normally uncomfortable and unpleasant ones, in life being a lesson? Where have you been told that it is important to ‘learn from your failures’ I know that this has been told to me many times until I also began repeating...


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