You are making a choice even when you don’t make a choice

You choose to build and craft your story with every thought, word and, especially, feeling.

When you are unaware of your thoughts, you are creating without even understanding what you are adding to your life, or subtracting from it.

Creating is about feeling, about choice and making the decision to craft the story you’d like to live. You can craft it with intention or just sit with what comes your way.

Observe Your Thoughts, Feelings and Words

How often are you checking in with what you feel, what you are thinking?
An exercise I have found MOST beneficial is to set your alarm on your phone for every 15 to 30 minutes.
When it goes off
– check what it is you are thinking
– what are you doing?
– who you are with?
Jot down keywords so that you have a record to look back on.
Do for 3 days and then see the common threads that are showing up.
This is so important and helps you become aware of the choices you are making and what they are creating in your life and story.

Creating Unconsciously

Comparing, complaining, criticising and condemning anything or anyone creates less and lack in your life.
It constricts your energy and keeps you stuck.
When you make a choice to be curious, to ask questions and to invest in yourself through journaling and learning you create more and allow for more choice in your life.

Choosing Choice

When you make the decision to shift your energy from unconscious to conscious creating, you are choosing more in your life.
It brings a feeling of lightness, of being able to cope better and the awareness shows you what you dislike so as to create what it is you do like. You, ultimately, create your story and no-one else can be blamed for anything happening in your life. You are the author of your story and with limit your choices or create space for infinite possibilities in your life.

Dream Your Dream

It really helps to KNOW what you would like to have in your life and to focus on this. what you focus on grows. Are you focused on a dream or a nightmare? Each is a choice. Yes, you may require assistance to shift and change. This is the part I love about helping my clients to create the change you are ready to be to transform your life, relationships and finances.

What is holding you back?


Have a magical day,