Communication Is an Art and a Science | Janine Kathleen

Please join me on a thought journey. The words in italics are a private, mental conversation occurring during the described actions. Follow me into the scene.

A sound enters my awareness. It feels like an interruption.

Where’s the phone?

My hand reaches from underneath the duvet. I turn off the noise.

Cold. Toilet in the cold.  

I remain in bed, scrolling through notifications.

I need to reply to…I must pay this today…I have to follow up with…

First perusing email notifications.

What am I going to make for breakfast…a coffee machine would be nice…coffee in bed would be awesome right now…going back to sleep would be absolutely wonderful…

My bladder becomes an uncomfortable weight.

Time to reply to Messenger and other inbox platforms.

What would fill a page if you wrote down your thoughts during a scenario like this?

Would there be plenty more? Nothing? Completely different narrative?

That last question is a trick one. You are unique. Therefore, your internal narrative is unique.

I am curious whether you listen to your unique frequency stream or get confused with external, heavy noise? Perhaps a dance between yes, and no? Maybe you are not yet conscious of the varied energies influencing your thought stream.

Knowing what private, mental narratives you are listening to creates space for hearing the narrative others are tuned into – where they are expressing from. Remember, we are each on this earth experiencing a wholly individual experience.

Listening to yourself with conscious awareness is a perfect practice for creating balance between the art and science of communication.


  1. Listen to what your body is saying to you.
  • How would you describe your health?
  1. Listen to what your soul is saying to you.
  • What is currently inspiring you?
  1. Listen to what your feelings are saying to you.
  • Cultivate a meditation practice and/or meditative state of being.
  1. Listen to what your thoughts are saying to you.
  • I challenge you to set a timer on your phone for every 15-20minutes. When the timer goes off, check-in with what thoughts you are thinking, jot it down somewhere for later reflection. Practice this for 3 days. There are many moments we are too lost in thought to recognize its impact. This challenge will create the space for clear reflection.
  1. Understand other people have filters of body, soul, feelings, and thoughts just as you do.


Join me in Episode 36 of Mindset Alchemy podcast for deeper exploration of experiencing communication as an art and a science rather than something like a battle or hit and miss.

Bye for now!