Create Your Vision for Success | Janine Kathleen

‘’Our vision, our eyesight, our seeing, is not always the same thing.’’


I have had many vision boards in my entrepreneurial career.

The bedroom closet doors are the perfect place to create a visual for my dreams.

One door held an image of an alcove beach with white sand for many years.

I did not know where it was, however, it represented freedom to me.


My husband and I moved down to the coast a while ago with a few relatively private beaches surrounding us.

You can see where this is going…

The beach manifested off the page and into my reality!


Reality became a realization.

I previously understood my sense of freedom from a limited perspective.

Subsequently, I have come to understand that vision of freedom I perceived as the soft sand and turquoise water is not limited to the ocean.

The presence of large bodies of water is what my desire was calling to.

The cleansing, soothing, refreshing energy of water.


The manifestation I have received is a magnificent home environment and gift.

Although, I have also received understanding myself deeper.

This self-awareness is a real treasure.


Yes, it was not as simple as putting a picture on the closet door, and voila.

I required tuning myself to the vibration of freedom.

Shifting the frequency from lacking the freedom to being freedom.


Our desires in life most often emerge from being aware of what we do not want.

This is a natural process.

It is also natural for people to not recognize they are focusing on what they do not have through the vision rather than what it is they want.

That is creating with constant resistance present.

The clearer you understand your desire behind the vision, the easier it is able to materialize.



  • What do you feel you are lacking in your life?
  • What is the desire behind that?



There are more practical tips for working with your vision in E57 Create Your Vision for Success, Mindset Alchemy with Janine Kathleen.


Do you currently have a vision that feels stressful to manifest?

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Bye for now!

May you have a vision filled day