Do You Have A Relationship With Your Business? | Janine Kathleen

Pull up a chair.

Not for you, for the energy of your business or job.

We are going to bring awareness to the conversations you are having about your income source.


Imagine your business in a physical form that can communicate to and with you.

Welcome the energy of your business into the chair as if areal, alive business partner.

See it sitting in the chair you pulled up.

You may have guessed by now; I am not being metaphorical.


Are you baffled at the thought of your business being an entity of its own?

The inspiration which flowed through you for its creation is more than just an idea you brought to life.

It has an energetic essence which is co-creating with you.


Begin a conversation sharing your desires within the business.

Listen to what you are saying in the interaction.

Are you celebrating or complaining?

Are you expecting results or creating synergistically?


What kind of partner are you being within this entrepreneurial co-creation?


The answer to that is going to influence your success immensely!


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Bye for now!