Do You Have a Relationship With Your Ego? | Janine Kathleen

“In life, we can resist what is good for us just because it is uncomfortable.’’

I was enjoying a pleasant day at the beach with my family.

The sunny sky, gentle breeze, and glistening water invited other groups too.

One of those families had a member who insisted on talking with my daughter and I.

Talking rather obnoxiously. 👀

My daughter did her best to remain polite in ending the conversation – for the second time.

His shouting and continued distraction reached the limits of my patience.

“No. Be on your way. We are not interested.”

At first, he simply stared at me and began to open his mouth again.

I firmly repeated, ‘’Stop talking to us and be on your way.”


What was good for us in that moment was not remaining engaged with the one-sided conversation that wasn’t even sober.


Yes, it was uncomfortable standing my ground to him.

The good kind of uncomfortable.


How often are you listening to your ego loudly giving its opinions?

Are you aware you can peacefully stand your ground within this internal dialogue?

I would like to offer you a tool for the next time the voice of ego is blustering in your ear.

Stand firm in your resolve.

Speak directly to the egoic, internal voice and say:

Thank you

I see you

Time to move on

I urge you to not just try it.

I encourage you to notice the uncomfortable monologue of the ego.

Use your voice and reply:

Thank you

I see you

Time to move on

Well done on choosing growth!!!

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Join us to successfully stand firm when using your voice.


Bye for now!

Janine Kathleen 💜