That small feeling and whisper

“Janine, I just wish you’d LISTEN to yourself!” my husband said in GREAT exasperation.

I was returning home after dropping the facilitator of a coaching programme I was attending at the venue/accommodation. It happened to be in the middle of Johannesburg. I had been very unhappy when I had seen the venue location. Warning number one.

I KNEW I shouldn’t be going home this way. I had, however, missed the turning onto the highway. The GPS knew it too.

Habit can cost you

I just went for habit rather than listening to the still voice within my self, that feeling and sense of disquiet. As I drove along the road looking for the highway on-ramp, every nerve in my body was prickling. Warning number two.

I then wound up in the lane next to the pavement and, luckily, I slowed down and did NOT go too close to the car in front of me. It was night time and my instinct had me looking to my left. I saw a contorted face then a hand holding a spark plug descending towards my window. The window shattered and the hand was diving for my door handle to open and pull me out of the car.

THEN I reacted on instinct. I put foot on the accelerator, swerved left and went straight through a red traffic light, avoiding the car coming to cross on the green for them and the other cars.

Stopping at the police station I had a sense to not go in. I drove out went straight home.


I should have listened and backtracked to the first missed turnoff to the highway.

I was VERY grateful to be safe, the car still in my possession and only a broken window. The ride home was a tad draughty though.

The Whisper Within

Have you experienced that sense, a feeling, a thought that you wish you’d paid attention to?

It is there to guide us and to help us navigate life in a far more effortless way. It is in learning to TRUST it and ourselves that we improve our connection with it.

It is in having confidence that we can be correct and follow our instinct. We do NOT have to people please and do what is normal and expected.

Tools to connect with the whisper


Meditation is a great tool. It teaches us to be an observer of our thoughts as we get in touch with our soul. Especially a candle gazing meditation or the rose meditation that you do for 21 minutes for 21 days.

Rose meditation link

💜 When you have an awareness of the feelings of disquiet or a knowingness that is softly there in the background.


Ask questions and tap into your body to see what feels heavy and what feels light. Go for the light. It normally means this is the path or action to follow.

💜 Journal on when you have followed your whisper and the results you have had.

This helps you build up confidence, learn to interpret your intuitive vocabulary and work with yourself in a much more in-tune way


We are all connected and have access to the ‘spiritual web’

Our bodies sense vibrations and are tapped into what is for our highest good and will let us know. It is to work without body and learn to understand what it is saying to us. Here is a guideline for you.

Listen to your body chart 

We are receivers and transmitters at a deep energetic way and have access to so much more than our own thoughts and feelings and it is to ask “Whose is this, what is this?” and to the say and tap into doing, “Return to send with consciousness attached”

Learn to flow energy through you rather than hanging onto it in your body. this allows other peoples energies and paths to flow away from you and you take action on your ‘stuff’ and not theirs.

I love helping my clients gain awareness and grow so that they can grow their businesses, their relationships and have that delicious feeling of fulfilment rather than frustration. I know I prefer fulfilment and clarity to irritation and feeling stuck.

How about you?