Feelings Can Become Habit | Janine Kathleen

Awareness is key

Do you have a playlist of empowering mantras or one of thievery?

You may be in a habit of feeling sad, ashamed, guilty, unhappy, even angry.

The great news is you can shift this and replace with a habit of joy, creating your dreams, achieving your targets, goals and vision with ease, joy, flow and much more effortlessly.

Of course, if you are addicted to hard work with few results, this would require clearing and decluttering.
If you are addicted to complaining rather than creating, this could be a potential stumbling block as well.

I did not realize these two full-time facets of my life until I made the decision I was done with playing small and having to struggle with more month than money.

I also realised that I required my own income and a way to create more since my children were moving forward into their lives.

These were two of the habits that presented themselves to me to be recognised and to be released.

What a fun journey it was and I was glad to see them float away as I replaced them with a habit of gratitude and a habit of having joy, as well as fun, with cash flow and money.

In the podcast  ‘Feelings Can Become a Habit’, I discuss several ways of recognising potential blocks and the tools to release them.

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