Have You Journaled Today? | Janine Kathleen

A tool I encourage my clients to use is journaling.

I encourage them to use it in different ways.


This is where I encourage clients to put on paper or rant out loud, the feelings of frustration, desperation and dank thoughts circling in their brain.

Using “I felt”, “I saw”  – never the other person “doing to you”, as it is to experience the personal experience rather than guessing what others may or may not have meant.

Then I ask them to burn these pages, or if it has been a verbal rant, to clear the energy in the air.

After this is done they are encouraged to journal a dream, what they would love to have and create, the emotions they would like to feel and replace heavy with lighter and lighter. We always replace what we release at an energetic level.


I encourage my client to take stock of their day, then look back over the week and journal on common themes, patterns and ways of being that either did or did not feel expansive in their life.

This helps me assist my client to see habits of success and habits of potential decay. It also brings out patterns of doing things and is a great way to have a long-range perspective and encourages contemplation of what was really happening once away from the moment when it was a heated or distressing one.

It reinforces feel-good moments and this leads to a more heartful way of being in totality.

It also clues us into seeing where there are reoccurring signs and symbols as the Universe and our higher self give us for guidance to take action (or not) for greater ease and flow in our life.

It is always an interesting and, in many cases, an emotional journey of discovery.

I am always amazed, inspired and humbled at what comes forward when going back n my journaling.

Reflective Journaling for Guidance

It is always helpful to have a time of reflection and to ask for guidance and help.

I encourage clients to use the following:

“Soul, what would you have me do/know/be today?”

Then sit quietly for a few moments and begin writing thereafter, even if it is  “Janine is asking me to do this and I have no idea what it is I am doing….. ”

Can you do it on your own?

Definitely, you can! I encourage you to work with it.

Where I assist my clients is in shifting the energy and moving forward in an aligned manner and better understanding what comes forward for them.


I would love to hear what comes forward for you and if you are prepared to commit to even a week to see what happens.

Have an amazing day!