Having Relationship with Self | Janine Kathleen
Other People Palming Off Responsibility To Me

‘’Janine will do it.’’

‘’Don’t worry, Janine has got it covered.’’

‘’No stress, Janine can take care of it.’’

Physical Responses

My teeth still wish to grind when I hear that tune ring through my mind!

Those teeth grinding are emotions physically talking through my body. I am very grateful to be able to recognize the emotional and physical connection that is triggered. I am even more grateful to have the tools to release these triggers.

Watch For Mirrors

Are you aware your feelings communicate using all of your physical self?

Life has a way of bringing that awareness into the spotlight.

Life creates mirrors in the world around you to reflect any feelings you swept too well under the rug.

The relationship with yourself is reflected in external relationships such as family, work, friends, animals, acquaintances, and other sentient beings.

(Let’s not forget Mother Earth is a sentient being herself.)

The perception of responsibility I expected myself to live up to was being reflected back to me through every growl passing through my clenched jaw.  Does this happen to you? Where do you experience it in your body?

I am grateful for my journaling practice assisting me to see what I didn’t know how to say.

Journal Journey

  • Where is my body currently calling my focus?
  • What is the bodily experience my feelings are communicating through?
  • What will allow me to interact with this feeling in a loving way?


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