How to be control, working in ease & flow, releasing hustle and go | Janine Kathleen


When you understand the reason you are taking action, your WHY, you have the focus to put in the time, the energy and remain in alignment. When things are getting rough, check-in with your why and the energy returns to keep you going.


When you be control, you release all detachment to outcome and time.
You become time, allowing the Universe to organise life to work with you to achieve your why. This may be in Universal and not human time. so focus on where it is you choose to go and put in the work of releasing your fears around success, failure, visibility and being wealthy.


When you are feeling overwhelmed, check for where you are being busy rather than focused and effective.
When feeling as if you have no energy, can’t see the end in sight, check in with where you are out of alignment or working within a lie.
You will often become busy to prevent your progress. This is time to do mindset work and check in with your dream, your why.
It is also the time to see if you should put everything down, have some fun and invite in joy.
This brings back a sense of lightness and the ability to be effective effortlessly.


Your drive is to be aligned, allowing in the best and most effective ways of doing to achieve.
This comes from knowing where you are going and having a plan, an outline to get there.
It is also following the whisper that may take you off your plan and onto THE plan.
Follow the whisper and this allows for ease and flow.
It brings your dream closer in a more aligned way and, normally, in a much more effective and awesome way with a much greater outcome at the end.


Celebrate along the way.
There are levels to learning, some are long, some are short, work with yourself and your whisper and all will flow.
Do not attempt to jump ahead, as you can’t leave a step out and expect to get ahead.
You will return to do the level at some point ahead. this is no fun.
Following the path to your why
asking questions along the way
shortens the distance so much more effortlessly
when you realise and have a knowingness of the answers unfolding are for your highest of good and greatest of intentions.


Something I have discovered is that when you keep asking each day “What is most aligned today, what is it you wish me to know and do today Soul?” the whispers guide you and lead you on a much smoother path and all hustle and go are release for the more effective ease and flow state to achieve your dreams (which change and morph along the journey to them) in a more fun way, sometimes challenging, always growing you, way.