Life of Ease or Hard? | Janine Kathleen
Do you work hard for it?

Were you taught you have to work hard for everything and that there is no gain without pain?

I know I was.

Conditioning is pervasive

It was inherent in the culture I was grown up in. In fact, it was solidified even more by people commenting how gladly overseas countries received South Africans because “they are hard and efficient workers and give a good day’s work for a day’s pay.”
Questions like “Did you work hard for it?” further reinforced the culture.

If you didn’t achieve a target the comment was, “OK, next time you will work harder.”
When I was doing my nursing training this was further reinforced as you had to look busy all the time otherwise there were unpleasant consequences.  😀It was extremely difficult when I went to do my psychiatric qualifications to sit and speak with people and not be rushing around looking busy so as to avoid being penalised. Such a different perspective and point of view.

Change your story to change your life

Imagine my shock when I learned that you can be even more effective with smart work, rather than hard work.
Imagine looking at how effective you are being rather than how hard you are working.
If all it took to create the income and lifestyle you desired was hard work, there would be far more wealthy people.

Limiting Beliefs Cost You Money, Time and Energy

It is blocks and old conditioning like this that I help clients to release and move on from. It is always such a delight to see my clients begin to achieve through being effective and understanding how to work with their inner genius rather than just hard and winding up frustrated and stuck.

A Tool I Use For Awareness

I have an excellent measuring stick to check myself with, and I know it could help you as well.

When someone says to me, “You are always so busy.” I stop and see where I am choosing hard and busywork, rather than efficient, fulfilling and fun work. I make the appropriate corrections and life is filled with ease again.

Energy is awesome when you work with it rather than against it. If you are forcing a result, look and see where what you are doing is out of alignment and you are being asked to switch the energy of it.

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