Moving Is Moving | Janine Kathleen


Hi there,

My daughter and I spent 18 hours driving back to our home in the East Rand, South Africa.

We shared, compared notes, reminisced as we drove the beautiful kilometers.

We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday sorting, clearing, cleaning, remembering as we went through her room and I went through mine.

A pile to donate, a pile to store, a pile to throw away and a pile to sell.

Memories that came flooding in brought lots of emotions forward and rekindled some that have lain dust-covered for many years.

Joys, sorrows, achievements, and failures – all stored in the various possessions, photos, and paraphernalia.

Ballet shoes worn again, dolls cuddled and gently put in the box for another child to have.

Books handled with recognition of old friends and growing times.

Moving is very moving.

Some memories are tender, others painful. They may trigger the sense of loss of times past, mistakes made and lessons learned.

Oh, and the DUST. 

Glorious dust!!!

We are still working on the clearing. It is an ongoing process as, for me, there was a longer time of accumulation. Drawer by drawer, room by room it is getting done.

Life is like this. 

It is to take out the memories, see which ones we will keep and which we will release. what we can share and where have we grown.

Decluttering takes many forms and brings a sense of lightness and freedom.

My daughter and I helped each other when a hard or emotional decision was required to release something. This, for me, was so empowering.

I love doing this for clients.

Holding space as they debundle and declutter memories, learned behaviors, and generally what no longer is of service as they choose to move forward and create more aligned ways of life.

I am so glad to be able to have the tools I have to help me decide what to keep and what to release. I enjoy hearing how clients use the tools I offer them to move forward from feeling frustrated and chaotic to having clarity of purpose and connection with their vision.

I keep my vision front and centre as I release possessions and emotions. It helps make more aligned decisions and takes desperate and overwhelm out of the picture. Yes, I feel the sadness and sense of loss and allow it.

I get into gratitude for  the years of service and the memories and firmly focus forward.

Life is always a work in progress, and it is a choice to have fun and adventure with it.


Here is a toast to our greater success and a beautiful transformation as we release what holds us back from our next aligned action steps.