48: Ep 48 with Jana Krizanova * Change Your Perspective, Change Your Client's Experience * | Janine Kathleen

48: Ep 48 with Jana Krizanova * Change Your Perspective, Change Your Client’s Experience *

Jana Krizanova is a Customer Journey Strategist.

She predominantly works with coaches, consultants and mentors, helping them to clean up their customer journeys to ensure a world-class experience for their group programme participants (clients). So they get transformed from one-time customers into repeat clients and brand ambassadors.

In this episode, Jana talks about how putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and seeing things from a different perspective helps you uncover and fill in gaps in your customer journey.

Website https://janakrizanova.com/raving-fans-formula/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jkvirtualsol

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jana.on.the.move/

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/janakrizanova/

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The Power Hour is a one hour intensive with Jana – suitable for business owners looking to fix specific challenges they run into with their online group programmes. Such as receiving only a small number of testimonials, people not engaging with programme content, not engaging with each other, dropping off before the programme is over, not signing up for the next programme/service etc.) The Power Hour helps you uncover gaps in your customer journey that cause those problems and Jana then guides you through how to fix them. Quick wins for an investment of €197.

Your host, Janine Kathleen is Mindset Alchemist.

Janine guides women

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Janine works with her psychic and healing abilities, as well as her business experience to help you achieve the freedom, lifestyle and dreams you know you desire and the success you seek