65: Ep 65 Shifting Decision Fatigue for Greater Ease | Janine Kathleen

65: Ep 65 Shifting Decision Fatigue for Greater Ease

I was DONE!!!

Sorting packing.


So I decided to get into gratitude and celebration.

Wow! Things shifted in an awesome way.

Do you get exhausted making decisions?

I know I can and it was so awesome to discover ways around it.

In this episode I share a little about clearing 37 years of my goods and others when selling my home.

Let me know your takeaways in the comments or email me.

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A gift for you to check in with what your body may be saying to you


Your host, Janine Kathleen loves words and understanding the magic we are able to create with them.

Janine is a mindset mentor and understands how thoughts create, feelings generate, and words shape our lives.

Janine guides women

  • To understand what your body is saying about life and business,
  • To make more empowering choices
  • In the skill of creating with intention
  • To own your BEing in life

Janine works with her psychic and healing abilities, as well as her business experience to help you achieve the freedom, lifestyle, and dreams you know you desire and the success you seek