Relationships with Others | Janine Kathleen

‘’You can know how to do something and yet not be able to do it because you haven’t yet been shown how to do it.’’

Listening to our intuition is something our current society has shown us how not to do.

This is why knowing Intuitively is one element of the Success Spiral program I teach.

Knowing Intuitively is living with the awareness that we hear with more than our ears, see with more than our two eyes, and feel beyond our nervous system.


We all have a variety of personas that emerge in different environments and around different people.

The whisper – voice of intuition – is able to sense what is present underneath a presented persona.

This goes deeper than ‘danger’ alerts.

Listening to the knowing of the body is being open to the awareness of what interaction is aligned for you in relation to others.

Should I be in business with this person?

Is this a compatible relationship?

Were they truly upset with me?


Learning what feelings your body uses to communicate intuitively with, is important for a peaceful channel of insight.

Alongside being familiar with your whisper, when you are aware of the stories you tell yourself about others then you can be aware of what their bodies may be picking up from you!

Remember, the most important person to explore relations with is yourself.


Journal Journey
Where am I in relation to my:
  • inner child?
  • inner Goddess/God?
  • to the inner feeling of equilibrium?


I elaborate on this topic during Ep 53 Relationships with Others on the Mindset Alchemy with Janine Kathleen podcast.


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