Self Love: Key to Your Magic Within | Janine Kathleen

There are so many paradigms and perceptions around self-love.

Self-love is all about knowing that the self within you is within all other things and beings on Earth. Thus, taking care of you is taking care of way more than just you.

No pressure.

The most important way to show yourself self-love is to acknowledge your need for love, your need for security and your need for recognition.

When you are able to give these to yourself and not rely on others to do so, you are on your way to growing up and working with the magic within you.

Is it easy?

It can be.

It is actually a decision.

It is the action of saying to yourself :

  • I love and cherish myself
  • I am loving and cherishing myself
  • I am loving and cherishing myself
  • I am allowing myself to feel safe.
  • I am safe
  • I am creativity
  • I am awesome
  • I am creating a life I love to live
  • I love and validate myself
  • I am worthy of having all I desire

Self-Love involves looking at what you are feeding your body, your mind and your soul.

It is in understanding that change is part of life and growth and making a decision to flow with it rather than resist it.

It is in understanding there is a spiritual aspect to life and to get on with both physical and spiritual. They aren’t mutually exclusive. They are both vital to life, a life you love living.

Be aware of what you are thinking, the feelings you are allowing in and the emotions you are choosing to work with.

This is your way of creating.

Self-love is having an awareness of what you are creating and if you even want what you are creating and how it serves you long term to have what it is you are creating.

Successful people look at where they are going and work day to day with their eyes on the goal.

Being present is the way you work towards goals you have set the vision for,

Each emotion, each feeling and each thought feeds or starves your long term goals.

Self-love is allowing yourself to feed your soul, your self to reach these goals, enact your purpose and allow your soul mission to unfold as you move and flow along your life journey.

Are you able to look in your eyes in a mirror and say, “ I love you, I accept you, you are awesome”?

Many are totally unable to do this in the beginning. Persevere. It is worth it. Have a wonderful cry. Journal out what it is you are feeling and release those stuck feelings within. This allows your self-love to grow and to move forward.

Remember, it is important for you to learn to love yourself as this helps you release the magic you have within you to its fullest extent.

Acceptance is a HUGE key to this.

We all have faults and things we don’t like about ourselves. Acknowledge it is quite normal to feel this way and to get on with accepting what you cant change and sort out what it is you can change.

It is a step by step forward, regress, step by step moving forward ongoing process.

If you need help, ask for it.

Ultimately you are the only one that needs to love, accept and validate you.

Do the work and accept the rewards of loving yourself and unleashing the magic to create a life you love living.