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Psychic Business Guidance Sessions

Are you looking for answers?
Do you feel stuck in your business?
Are you looking to move to your next level but feel confused?
Are you feeling challenged with attaining success?
Are you struggling with reaching the goals you desire?

My Psychic Business Guidance Sessions are an hour long.

I channel guidance for you to help you gain direction & clarity to reach your goals, success & desires you have for your future. These sessions are going to help you to move ahead toward your goals so that you no longer feel stuck or confused in your business.

$300 per session

VIP Programme

Are you feeling stuck, as if you just can't gain the momentum required to achieve success, you aren’t quite sure what your next step should be?

I know how you feel, I felt the same way, and do you know what I found? With guidance, you can discover the bigger picture and find the clarity and freedom you are looking for to become unstoppable.

With this VIP Programme, you will uncover the guidance you are looking for. This programme helps you access your next level to move forward in life towards your dreams and goals to create your legacy.

Working together you will unlock the following:

  • Recognize who you are and to align with your purpose
  • The ability to understand what is keeping you stuck
  • Understanding of which steps to take next to your purpose
  • Access to the tools that will help you gain clarity & momentum
  • Mindset management
  • Learn how to use intention setting and targeting to plan effectively
  • How to set yourself up for success

When you are ready to gain momentum and clarity, so that you can move forward in your business, this is the programme for you.

This VIP Programme is a six-month commitment!!!

It entails:

  • Weekly sessions over Zoom
  • Channeled information
  • Techniques and tools for success
  • Access to support ( via email or messenger )
  • Healings X4
  • Free access to The Woman in Business support group
Monthly Investment: $989