Shift With Art Journaling featuring Karen Liebenberg | Janine Kathleen

‘’I did not want to rock the boat by delving deeper…’’

– Karen Liebenberg


Karen brings to light the very real, social fears which keep us from acknowledging what pain is threatening our authentic Self-expression.

She shares a series of events that manifested from a deep desire for life to change.

Life responded with foundation rocking changes.


‘’By the time we separated, I was burnt out, I had nothing left to give.’’

– Karen reflecting upon her past emotional state


Her path to refill, recharge, and relearn who she is brought Karen to be surrounded by other creatives.

Playing with paint on the paper led to art journaling…

Art journaling led to Karen’s inner world surfacing…

So much so that she was invited to share her gifts teaching others.


Karen previously lived with her purpose being grounded in others – husband, children, not herSELF.

Now she lives filling herself and giving naturally flows.


Life hands us growth points.

Join us in E44 Shift With Art Journaling as Karen Liebenberg shares how a growth point forced her to address her inner energies and chose to grow.


Journal Journey:

  • What adventure are you currently interested in?
  • Are you allowing your purpose to successfully be grounded in authentic living?


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Bye for now!