What Do Friends, Foes and Family Have To Do With Your Business? | Janine Kathleen

Ideas and Flames

Have you ever been sooo excited about an idea? You want to make sure the world knows how inspired and over the moon, you are with your potential idea.

You go and talk with your besties about it and leave feeling lower than a worm creeping on the ground?

They shoot you down in flames so badly that your idea goes up in smoke!


I get you.

 It feels TERRIBLE

You are in 2 minds about how to move forward from this.


I totally understand. 

This is why I have learned to be very cautious about who I talk to when a new idea flows through to me.

I sit and taste it, explore it, feel into it.

The only person I share it with during the early days  – myself in my journal!


What Makes People React vs. Respond

We are a strange lot.


It has been taught to us that success is bad and with this everyone would like success, without having to change and grow.


Programming starts young in the form of “Who do you think you are?”. “My, don’t get a swollen head now.” You understand the root of the lack of self-worth.

It is this lack of belief in themselves that causes the reaction rather than a response of encouragement and delight at the thought and prospect of your growth and potential for success.


They are also mirroring your potential doubts and fears to you.

When you have a handle on these doubts, programmings and fears, you are able to look people in the face and say,” This is your reality, thank you for sharing” and walk away from them, keeping your energy intact and having an idea of what it is you need to work on to create the full impact you wish to achieve through your inspired thoughts, plans and long-term intentions.



There are always those who see only doom and gloom due to their inner fears, lack of growth and pure, plain jealousy.

They disguise it by saying they are “only being realistic”

“They don’t want you to get hurt.”

Get real.

They do not want you highlighting their lack of success to them. They want to stay small and keep you reduced alongside them.



Let us pivot the scenario a little and look at those wonderful people who support you, encourage you and are there on the days you feel a little low.

They hold space and vision for your success and growth.

Celebrate the champions in your life and release the rest.


Jealousy Makes You Ugly!

Then we have those wonderful people that are so sweet to your face that you aren’t fully aware of the subtle barbs they throw your way.

When you aren’t around they make all the snide and demeaning comments their jealousy can conjure up.


The great thing is to know your knowingness and their poison may rock you slightly once discovered and not enough to throw you off your path.


Comparison and competition are poison and steal creativity and many relationships


Keys To Success

    • Understand who you are and what makes you work and choose to achieve your dream.
    • This was a journey for me and I am so grateful for taking the action to walk and keep walking the path of self-discovery.
    • Know what your why is and how it feels to move towards achieving it.
    • Take action on your why.
    • Believe in yourself, even when you feel despondent.
    • Allow those who will support you to do so.
    • Be willing to be flexible where necessary and stand firm when needed.
    • Just because someone is close to you, it doesn’t mean they have your best interests at heart.


  • Once you have an understanding of who you are, what is important to you about your vision, realise those you can and can’t trust, and make the decision with committed action backing it, you have your key to your success.



I choose to smile at naysayers and critics and keep moving forward with my dream and to allow them to remain in their nightmare.


Today is the day, seize it and make it your own.