Nature’s Medicine:

I walk along the shoreline. White sand and Fynbos create the appearance of an inland reef. The ocean waves are thrashing today; much like my emotional state. Inhaling the air currents, exhaling the heaviness. Mother Earth washes the inner turmoil away with each embrace of the wind.

 Space is available now, my gut unclenches. ‘’Aaah,’’ sighs out my smiling mouth.

Energy healing is not a conversation ignoring the physical body. It is expanding the awareness of the physical experience. It is being the human that we are here to be at the end of the day. Therefore, we live knowing all in the physical realm is energy – electricity, dark matter, atoms and molecules, stardust, etc. This knowing creates one of many paradoxes creating this realm.

 Energy healing is not an allopathic course of action style. It is a way of being.

Modalities such as the following become ways of being:

  • Physical movement e.g. dance, yoga, tai chi, martial arts, horse riding, swimming, theatre
  • Creative expression e.g play, art, writing, sewing, music, movement, conversation, experiencing the flow of skill and/or talent
  • Reiki, Quantum Healing, Accunet, and many other unique experiences of supportive, love, and mind frame transformation.

Are you able to verbalize what way of being your habits are supporting you to be in the now? In the now, is referring to not speaking from a space of past or future. I am sharing this for awareness to be brought to how often we answer questions through stories about ourselves instead of being confident in who we are now.

There are also supportive energies and connections between different realms. A few I share more about in my podcast for What Is Energy Healing are:

– Nature

– Angelic

– Elemental

– Spirits

– and infinite others

Any healing requires tending and care. Self-Care is a byproduct action when prioritizing energy healing paths such as those explored above. Self-care becomes natural due to prioritizing the relationship with yourself as the relationship you have with the Universe. Are you able to describe the relationship you have with yourself? Are you truth-full when describing the relationship you have with the Universe in this current season?

I would love to support you in diving into the energetic healing available within those questions.

Bye for now!