What Is The Focus? | Janine Kathleen

I am now living in the Western Cape of South Africa.

A new joy has emerged being along the coastline.


In the beginning, it was more like rock-avoiding, then rock wobbling, and now…

Confidently rock-hopping!

The beginning of these mini-adventures was filled with private conversations of:

‘’You’re going to fall.’’

‘’You can’t balance.’’

‘’There is a perfectly good path on the safe side with a bench. It’s even further away from the water so no worries about getting splashed!’’

This was a mental conversation – amongst others – that kept me teetering in fear and limitation.

I began focusing on my core strength and the advice I received to feel better balanced.

Then a new conversation emerged:

‘’Hello rocks, please show me where to step.’’

‘’I can do this.’’

‘’I can see a path where to go.’’

‘’I am doing this!’’


Journal Adventures to clarify where your thoughts are focusing:

  • Where is the attention of my internal conversations?
  • What conversation do I want to be having?
  • What feeling is imbued in the mental dialogue?


Listen to E42 What Is The Focus? to discover what are instant ways you can begin new conversations with yourself.

Changing the direction of your focus changes the direction of your life.

Bye for now!