Where are You Choosing Pathetic over Success? | Janine Kathleen

Have you read Napoleon Hill’s book, Keys to Success?

He discusses the 17 Principles of Personal Achievement and I really appreciate what he calls a “Valuable Secret

“…Once you learn how to harness the tremendous potential of your mind and how to organize the knowledge you already have, you can turn them into the power necessary for attaining your definite major purpose.
There is a proverb which says:

‘If you would plant for days, plant flowers.
if you would plant for years, plant trees.
if you would plant for eternity, plant ideas!’

Where are you resisting creating a future you wish to live so that you can be right and someone else/a situation wrong?

Where are you choosing pathetic and victim mode so as to make others feel bad and agree with you? This is stealing your success from you.

It is when you choose that it is neither right nor wrong and it is just a point of view that you are able to be open to hearing the still small voice within.

This allows you to move forward with the ideas and opportunities that come forward to work with you for success.
It is all about choices, attitude and awareness.

Tool for Success
A great exercise I use is tapping into my thoughts every 15 minutes and checking what is coming forward:

– A negative?
– A positive?
– An emotion requiring attention and healing or celebration?
I then deal with it through meditation, journaling, exercise and awareness.
I help my clients do the same.


Here is a YouTube Video I did on ‘Where are You Choosing Pathetic over Success’ for You

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It is when you gain awareness around your thoughts and feelings that you understand what it is you are choosing to create in your life.

It is in gaining this awareness that you begin to move forward and create what it is you desire.