Words Have Power | Janine Kathleen


Yes, I totally understand that it may be a shock to learn that your words create and shape what you are thinking and feeling into the reality you are living.

There are words that create your life and words that decay it. Words such as ‘want’ which means “a lack or deficiency of something ” in its original form. Thus, when you say you ‘want’ something, it really means you lack it in your life. This can be a double-edged sword creating the absence of something you desire to have or the appearance of what you wish would disappear from your life. It all depends on how you are using it and the energy of feeling when expressing yourself.


My challenge to you is to close your eyes and say the  “I want”,  and see if you experience a heavy or light sensation in your body and energy. Then say “I choose” and see if it is heavy or light in your body and energy.

It is normal to feel heavy when saying “I want” and much lighter when saying “I choose”. It is a very interesting experiment.

Words are power

I am VERY excited to have launched my podcast and I discuss more in the first episode which you can access via Spotify. In this episode, I go into the power of words.

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Exercise for consciousness

An exercise I ask all my clients to do for more awareness and to become conscious of what they are potentially creating is as follows:

  • Set your alarm on your phone to ring every 15  minutes. Even every half-hour is great.
  • Set it for three consecutive days.
  • When it rings make a note of what you are thinking, feeling and who you are with,
  • Jot down keywords or phrases
  • Look for the common theme each evening and assess your predominant thoughts and feelings over the 3 days


You may be surprised at the results. There is always a common theme and it is so much easier to work with what you are aware of.

It normally gives a clear indication of what is potentially keeping you stuck.

If you’d like to discuss this and how to work with me to shift any energy, please reach out and we can set up a 20-minute free call to discuss how I may help you