You and Your Intuition for Success | Janine Kathleen

Let’s talk about lessons.

Specifically, lessons about intuition.


I had boiled eggs for my husband in the morning.

Leaving the kitchen, I did not begin the rest of his work lunch preparations.

My attention was taken elsewhere knowing the eggs required cooling down.

He asked if I had begun.

I responded with a ‘no’ while hearing this inner whisper,

‘’Ask him what he means by begun?’’

I chose to continue with the task at hand.

When completed, I walk into the kitchen to find him re-boiling the eggs.

‘’They felt cold,’’ he innocently responded to my confusion.


Intuition is the small whispering voice that says:
  • Get more curious about this
  • Investigate this more
  • Don’t just take this at face value
Alternatively, it may whisper:
  • Take this at face value
  • Don’t carry on delving into it


This lesson of choosing to ignore the whisper isn’t very catastrophic.

The effort arises when we get so used to ignoring the whisper that it costs us money, love, opportunity, joy, and other experiences available for our highest of good.


‘’To me, success is being able to make the most aligned choice.’’


Journaling is a great tool to be able to reflect upon your patterns, habits, and choices within your journey of listening to the whisper of intuition.

Recognizing whether you are responding to what is aligned.

Noticing when you were unconscious of being aware to the whisper.

Journaling assists you in familiarizing yourself with what your whisper feels and sounds like.


Asking questions opens us up to being able to learn.


These four journal prompts can be taken off the page and into daily moments of living:
  • What can I do differently in this situation?
  • Soul, what will you have me know today?
  • What is the lie in what ego is saying?
  • What is the truth in what ego is saying?


Become curious and ask the above questions with an open mind, knowing you do not need to answer the question.

‘’So how do I get the answer, Janine?”

Thank you for asking…listen.


Be aware that the whisper doesn’t always speak internally.

It can communicate through books, music, symbols, other people.

When it does you will feel an inner resonance, a metaphorical finger-pointing,

‘’That’s the answer.’’


Listen to E56 You and Your Intuition for Success of Mindset Alchemy with Janine Kathleen if the whisper is communicating for you to…

  • Get more curious about this information
  • Investigate this topic more
  • Don’t just take this simple lesson at face value



Alternatively, my free Facebook group Conscious Entrepreneurs offers supportive guidance for you to receive and respond to your whisper’s guidance.


Bye for now!