YOUR INNER CHILD | Janine Kathleen



Where is your inner child coming out to play?

It really is OK to have some fun and be youthful in a day.

Are you allowing her wounds to hold you back?

You are allowed to heal and release that lack.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Show me why I need not fall.

Heal and grow,

Release and flow.

Uniqueness is your gift.


We all have wounds from childhood, this is a given.

This is inner child remains with us our entire life.

It is what we choose to do with these wounds that

makes the difference between success, greatness and a life of purpose.

You have gifts unique to yourself.

They may be similar to someone else

They are not you, the you you are able to create.

Create Your Own Reality

Take charge of your thoughts. Use your ability to create to create you.

This requires discipline and awareness.

It is in going into who you are today and how you are growing from yesterday.

Remember, what you focus on grows.

Choose to focus on what you want.

Take ALL focus off what you do not desire.

Do this by checking in with yourself regularly.

Checking in with yourself

So how do you check in with yourself?

I set the alarm on my phone for 15 minute intervals.

I jotted down key words as to my thoughts and emotions each time the alarm went off.

Where needed, I used an affirmation and redirection of my thoughts.

I had a brush-up of the current emotion where required.

It was hectic. I challenge you to do this.

It was a wake up call of where I needed to do healing.

It showed where I had to work on my perceptions and paradigms.

I choose to live a life of purpose.

I choose to make a difference. It is part of the process of understanding who I am,

who I can be.

I decided on this course of action to improve my awareness of where I need to grow.


I enjoy knowing how to do something, not just being told the what.

With this method I soon was becoming aware of thoughts out of alignment with my intentions to grow and

allow financial and relational abundance into my life. It became easier and easier to shift thoughts and emotions

as I continued with this journey.

Inner Child

This awareness of thoughts and emotions was instrumental in showing me where my inner child was running the show to my detriment.

Yes. My inner child can play and bring joy, just not take the steering wheel of my life and hold me back due to fear of danger, moving forward and change.

I am sure you feel the same way. Allowing your inner child to be, to be part of you and show you where there is a perceived danger, is very important.

Allowing your inner child to run the show costs more than you will ever know,

until you take a long, hard look at where you wish to go in life and see what is happening to prevent this from unfolding.


It takes effort and discipline and is worth the time and energy you put into taking back control of your life.